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Do-Not-Sell Master List Gives AAM Group Distributors A Central Resource For Enforcing Sales Compliance

The list gives member warehouse distributors a single reference for identifying sellers who violate MAP and unilateral pricing policies.


aam-groupJOHNSON CITY, Tenn. — The AAM Group, the largest program distribution group in the SEMA marketplace, has begun internally publishing a Do-Not-Sell Master List that consolidates dozens of do-not-sell lists created by sponsoring AAM Group vendors. The list gives member warehouse distributors a single reference for identifying sellers who violate MAP and Unilateral Pricing policies.


The consistently formatted resource, available in either an Excel or a comma-separated value (CSV) file, is sortable by vendor, seller name, and various location data—helping WDs filter retailers that have been disqualified from purchasing a particular brand’s products and bolstering the aftermarket industry at all levels of commerce. The list’s inclusion of addresses, where available, can additionally help identify violators who use multiple business aliases to cloak their purchases. WDs access the Do-Not-Sell Master List through AAM’s Insight™ account system and the DMS (Document Management System) portal.

“AAM and its members appreciate and support our manufacturing partners’ efforts to build value and profitability with their brands,” said AAM President Tim Odom. “We implemented the Do-Not-Sell Master List concept to address the challenges of managing multiple lists submitted across formats such as PDFs, Word and Excel documents, HTML files, and others. In addition, the continually aggregated resource ensures the most current compliance data possible for referencing member sales teams.”


Automotive Accessories Marketing USA Inc. (The AAM Group) is the largest distribution group in the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) marketplace. Now in its 29th year, the corporation was founded by eight high-performance warehouse distributors that sought to achieve cooperative scaled purchasing and marketing advantages. The AAM Group now counts 24 member-companies operating 35 distribution centers throughout North America.

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