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Dorman Releases November New Product Announcement

November release features more than 470 new parts, according to Dorman.



COLMAR, Pa. — Dorman Products has released its November New Product Announcement, featuring 480 new parts, 179 of which are exclusive formerly “Dealer Only” Parts, the company says.

Highlights of these new product opportunities include:

· New heater hose tubes that enable technicians to replace just the failed original heater core tubes without having to replace the entire heater core assembly. This Dorman exclusive solution fits Nissan Frontier models from 2004-01 and Xterra applications from 2004-00. (P/N 902-099)

· An addition to Dorman’s growing line of third brake lamps that feature integrated LED bulbs offering up to 10 times more brightness than standard bulbs. Twenty SKUs are now available, including coverage for Volkswagen Beetles from 2010-98. (P/N 923-255)


· A unique instrument cluster upgrade kit for various Chevy and GMC applications from 2007-03. This complete kit includes a new faceplate, new needles, a needle removal tool and complete instructions. Kits are available in a variety of color options such as stainless steel, aqua and white. A video with installation instructions for this kit is currently available at www.youtube.com/DormanProducts. (P/Ns 10-0100F, 10-0101F, 10-0103B)

· A new ignition lock cylinder that includes tumblers to help code this new replacement with original keys. This process eliminates the need for specialized tools or programming. This one SKU covers a variety of Chrysler, Dodge and Jeep applications from 2008-04. (P/N 924-722)


· Front impact sensors, parking brake boot kit, clock springs, steering shafts, door latch cables and more.

For additional information on Dorman’s latest product introductions visithttp://dormanproducts.com/Pages/New_To_Aftermarket/NTA_Page.aspx, call 800-523-2492, or sign up for new product alerts from Dorman’s Be-The-First-To-Know Program at: www.DormanProducts.com/Signup.

To see these new parts and hundreds more – visit Dorman’s booth No. 2820 at next week’s AAPEX Show.


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