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DST Simplifies eCommerce For Parts Sellers With Enhancements To TurboParts

TurboParts Select adds efficiency to the parts selling process, according to DST. For a live demo, visit DST at this year’s AAPEX Show, Nov. 4-6 at booth No. 6016 (upper level).



FOOTHILL RANCH, Calif. – DST, the U.S. business unit of Solera Holdings Inc. and a provider of parts e-commerce ordering technology, has announced the release of TurboParts Select, an enhancement to its award-winning e-commerce tool TurboParts.

TurboParts Select combines the features and benefits of any parts e-commerce engine to enable sellers to issue one simple login to their customers, such as repair technicians, for the purchase of B2B parts. By combining all tools and digital assets into one login, TurboParts Select helps parts sellers to efficiently maintain their e-commerce orders and streamlines the maintenance of their customer base.

“This is the first tool on the market that encourages all e-commerce providers to work in a collaborative manner,” said Stan Gowisnock, president of DST. “Any program that a supplier is involved with can be combined into Select, which helps eliminate the confusion that is rampant today among parts buyers due to the large amount of different e-commerce tools available in the market.”


With TurboParts Select, parts buyers will no longer have to worry about which B2B e-commerce tool they should click on in order to participate in buying promotions or to get the right applications for the vehicle they need to repair. Turbo Select-enabled e-commerce applications are all combined under the TurboParts umbrella, making it a single choice when it comes to purchasing parts. Other new features and benefits that come with TurborParts Select include:

* Advanced Sorting – The ability to sort catalog results by part types in addition to the current sorting by manufacturer lines, cutting searching time;
* Display Enhancements – The catalog display now shows all parts results in a single screen versus the industry alternatives of versus the industry alternatives of only four or five part number results showing at a time;
* Customizable Sourcing – Advanced sourcing capabilities can optionally be enabled to automatically display the buying locations that have quantity available if the primary location has less than the requested amount on hand; and
* VIN Code Scanner – Repair technicians can scan vehicles’ VIN codes with the optional TurboParts VIN scanning app for Android or Apple mobile devices, increasing speed, accuracy and customer satisfaction.


TurboParts Select is available now. For a live demo, visit DST at this year’s AAPEX Show, Nov. 4-6 at booth No. 6016 (upper level).

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