Evercoat Introduces Pro-Grade Body Shop Fillers, Putties For DIYers

Evercoat Introduces Pro-Grade Body Shop Line For DIYers

Evercoat Body Shop fillers and putties enable DIYers to bring professional-quality repairs to their garages and homes.

For more than 65 years, auto body professionals have trusted Evercoat products for their repair projects. Now, everyone can benefit from Evercoat’s innovation with the new line of Evercoat Body Shop products.

Evercoat Body Shop products allow hobbyists, DIYers and car enthusiasts to bring professional-grade-quality repairs to their garages and homes. Evercoat Body Shop products are specially formulated for most repair jobs – from fixing a scratch or dent on a car to a scratch on a boat, repairing wood or masonry or even restoring classic cars.

Evercoat Body Shop helps take the guesswork out of any body-repair project for your DIY customers, and Evercoat’s color-coating system makes product selection easy.

  • Red – Body fillers and putties
  • Gold – Premium trade-ups from the red fillers
  • Green – Reinforced fillers
  • Blue – Fiberglass resins
  • Gray – Adhesives and sealants
  • White – Repair accessories

For more information, visit the Evercoat Body Shop website.

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