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International Trade Shows Returning To Pre-Pandemic Schedules

Autopromotec will be held in odd-numbered years and Automechanika will be held in even-numbered years.


To get an accurate picture of market sentiment, Autopromotec organizers commissioned an independent survey of exhibitors to identify their preferences for scheduling the sector’s international events. 


The survey revealed that once the pandemic is over, exhibitors would prefer that Autopromotec and Automechanika return to their traditional schedule: Autopromotec in odd-numbered years and Automechanika in even-numbered years. 

Representatives of the two events agreed that it was important to satisfy the market’s requirements here, and as a consequence, the next Automechanika Frankfurt is scheduled for Sept. 10-14 2024, while the 30th Autopromotec is scheduled for May 21-24, 2025, in the Bologna fair district, restoring the events’ alternation that had been interrupted by the pandemic. 

“A positive attitude towards competitiveness includes an awareness that markets need to be healthy and motivated,” said Renzo Servadei, Autopromotec CEO. “By restoring the balance between these events, we will avoid additional stress for companies that have already been put to the test. At the same time, we are making it possible for them to participate in both of our trade shows, creating considerable positive energy for everyone involved.”


Autopromotec is creating a new event, to be held on Nov. 16-18, 2023. The event, which is still in the design phase, is devoted to manufacturers, component suppliers, dealers and buyers, and it focuses on the challenges facing the entire mobility industry, from the energy transition and sustainability to new business models. Organizers will reveal more as the event approaches.

“We are delighted to announce that we have achieved a common understanding with all involved parties, e.g. customers, partners, associations and media,” added Michael Johannes, vice president of Messe Frankfurt and brand manager Automechanika. “Numerous personal conversations with our international network helped to pave the way over the past few months. This will help everyone in the automotive aftermarket to optimize their planning.”

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