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Federated Makes Big Technology Push

Federated is holding its annual membership meeting at the Arizona Grand Resort April 25-27.



PHOENIX, Ariz. — Federated is making a big push to streamline the supply chain, automate sales activities that are currently labor-intensive and is investing heavily in data warehousing all to bolster the bottom line, members heard at the annual membership meeting here.

Federated is holding the meeting at the Arizona Grand Resort April 25-27.  

federated is holding its annual membership meeting at the arizona grand resort april 25-27.“We start off tonight with a big thank you to our suppliers,” said Larry Pavey, who serves as president of the Co-Man business unit for Federated. “Federated obviously is indebted to our suppliers. You guys do a great job supporting our members.”

During the IT meeting Wednesday afternoon, members heard how Federated partner GCommerce is transforming sales of special-order items from several steps into a one-stop order system where they also order faster-moving SKUs.

Federated’s Al Joyner explained how ESC, or Enhanced Supply Chain, was launched with Epicor in the fourth quarter of 2011 and is aimed at improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the overall supply chain. “We hope that through the use of our data, we’ll help drive significant business change,” he said. “We didn’t want to have just another data warehouse. We want the best in the industry. This is a very important initiative for us.”

Brad Duncan, president of OptiCat, a Federated technology partner,  speaks to Federated members about the benefits of using the company's technology at the group's meeting in Phoenix.

Members also heard about Federated’s continued sponsorship of racing events and an increase in advertising and marketing impressions.

Today, Federated will discuss the recently opened the Hovis Technical Training Center in Mercer, Pa. The innovative, 10,000-square-foot facility has trained more than 550 customers. Members also will get an update on Federated’s Co-Man warehouse, which was opened in 2000 by members who decided to open a jointly owned warehouse.


Federated’s annual awards dinner is tonight, where vendors will be recognized and honors such as Outstanding Vendor of the Year and the Art Fisher Memorial Membership Award will be bestowed.

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