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Finding Use for Paper Catalogs


Getting rid of paper catalogs is a bad idea. Many times, cataloging is incomplete in the computer.


Being able to review a paper catalog is essential. With production dates and model years sometimes hard to discern, it is great to be able to consult a paper catalog and be able to see many years at the same time.

Boni Missimer, Assistant Manager, Lehigh Auto Parts, Lehigh Acres, Fla.

Kudos on the technical skills issue

Thank you for the technical skills issue (April 2008). Counterman is the only trade magazine that covers training issues for parts people. Anyone in this business knows it’s hard to stay up with technology — we learn by the seat of our pants.

I’m lucky — I spent 50 years as a line technician, most of those years ASE certified — so I feel I have an easier time figuring things out.


I have been a parts man and parts pro for Advance Auto Parts for more than eight years. Please keep the information flowing. Those who are new to the industry need the information to better sell what the customer needs. And accolades to Mitch Schneider for his contributions to the publication.

Dave Matash Jr., Cullman, Ala.

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