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FleetPride Expands Footprint with 2 New Locations

FleetPride has opened new locations in the Deer Valley area of Phoenix and in La Porte, Texas, just southeast of Houston.


FleetPride has opened new locations in the Deer Valley area of Phoenix and in La Porte, Texas, just southeast of Houston.

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Both opened for business on July 29 to bolster FleetPride’s presence in the Houston and Phoenix markets.

“Expanding to the north side of Phoenix will complement our three locations close by in Avondale and Mesa, plus a large hub location near the center of Phoenix with extensive service capabilities to build and repair drivelines, hydraulic cylinders, pumps and PTOs,” said Mike Harris, FleetPride senior vice president of sales and operations. “Similarly, the new location in La Porte will join our two branches in Houston to enhance our presence in the market and serve customers near Trinity Bay, Galveston Bay and the Gulf Coast. Like Phoenix, our team in La Porte has a wealth of industry knowledge and significant inventory on hand to provide customers the parts they need. Both locations will also benefit from overnight replenishment from our regional distribution centers.”

Grand-opening events will be held at both new branches at a later date.

“We have a two-pronged approach to expanding our branch footprint,” said Harris. “One approach is acquisition, which provides business owners a great opportunity to transition and creates a path for their employees to continue building their careers with a strong company like FleetPride. Meanwhile, investing in new ‘greenfield’ locations has allowed us to expand our footprint in desirable markets. Just as importantly, these greenfields create career advancement opportunities for our employees.”

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