FRAM® Provides Next-Level Engine Protection for the Summer

FRAM® Provides Next-Level Engine Protection for the Summer

Sponsored by FRAM

For many people, road trips are an enjoyable summertime tradition. Whether you’re taking the family out
on vacation, traveling for sporting events, or just hitting the road for some mind-clearing relaxation,
summer usually means miles.

Since 1934, Pros and DIYers everywhere have relied on FRAM® to get the most complete engine
protection. When it comes to making sure your vehicle is prepared for the rigors of the road, your
engine’s air and oil filters are key components to keep an eye on.

Keeping Your Engine Air Clean

A vehicle’s engine air intake is the most common and vulnerable location for contaminants to enter an
engine. During the summer, particles like road dust, dirt, sand and other airborne particulates are in
abundance. This means your engine air filter is the first line of defense for your internal engine parts and a vital part of standard vehicle maintenance. More than that, following recommended air filter change
intervals can improve horsepower, acceleration, allow proper airflow and help overall vehicle

For advanced performance all year, and especially on those long summer rides, FRAM Ultra Premium air
filters give your engine the superior protection it needs. Ultra Premium air filters trap particles at 99%
efficiency, defend engines for up to 40,000 miles and are available at your local Walmart stores.

Advanced Oil Filtration

Complete engine protection includes more than just selecting the right air filter, however. For the ultimate
efficiency and protection package, don’t forget a quality oil filter.

FRAM Ultra Synthetic® is a premium, made in the USA, high-flow oil filter with an innovative,
second-generation design. Optimized for use with synthetic oil, Ultra Synthetic® filters deliver maximum
performance for both new and older engines for up to 20,000 miles.

This filter uses screenless technology for enhanced structure and filtering support and a 2-ply media
material with higher flow efficiency. Ultra Synthetic® filters are the top choice from FRAM® and will
provide your engine with the long-lasting protection it needs for any road you travel.

FRAM® has a legacy that goes back decades delivering leading technology and innovations. FRAM®
delivers a full set of filtration products to keep contaminants under control in critical spaces. If you’re
already protecting engines with quality engine oil filters, make sure you can optimize your vehicle’s
dependability with next-level, high-performing engine air filtration. Explore the full offering of trusted
FRAM® filters at

Sponsored by FRAM®.

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