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Friction One Named Co-Man Vendor Of The Year By The Group

Stant Corp. also was awarded Co-Man Vendor of the Year for order fill.




During its recent national meeting held in Grapevine, Texas, the Automotive Parts Services Group (The Group) honored vendor partner Friction One as Co-Man Vendor of the Year for outstanding overall performance.

“The Co-Man operation has become essential to our members’ businesses so it is imperative that vendor partners work closely with us to ensure its success,” said Larry Pavey, CEO of The Group. “We commend Friction One for standout performance and exceptional support of the Co-Man operation and thank them for all they do to meet our members’ needs in a timely fashion.”

The Group Co-Man operation has seen significant growth each year since its inception, expanding numerous times to meet the rapidly growing demand of the membership. The recently presented awards honor those supplier partners who have shown outstanding dedication and support of this unique program.


Stant Corporation was also awarded Co-Man Vendor of the Year – Order Fill at the meeting.

“Inventory management is critical to the success of the Co-Man operation and Stant Corporation delivered with consistently high order fill rates that allow us to fulfill members’ orders in a timely, efficient manner,” said Pavey. “We thank them, and all of our vendor partners who participate in Co-Man, for their continued support of this very important program.” 

About Automotive Parts Services Group

The Automotive Parts Services Group, also known as The Group, was created by the merger of efforts and resources of the Federated and Pronto program groups on behalf of their respective members, creating one of the largest automotive parts supply networks in North America. For more information, visit

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