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Global Leaders To Present ‘Mobility Of The Future’ At Automechanika 2014

The latest developments in a variety of fields including storage technology, charging infrastructure, engines, electronics, lightweight construction, alternative fuels and more will be discussed.


FRANKFURT – At this year’s Automechanika Frankfurt, Hall 10 will focus on a new theme: "Mobility of the Future." In addition to a variety of e‑vehicles from more than 12 countries, numerous pioneering companies will present the latest developments in the fields of engines, electronics, lightweight construction, storage technology, energy supply, charging infrastructure, financing, basic and advanced training, repairs and service. Moreover, many of the exhibitors will show that networking, e.g., universities, research institutes or industrial partners, is an extremely worthwhile aspect of business.
Participating exhibitors include:
– Vehicle manufacturers, such as Opel, Mitsubishi, Xindayang,
  Renault, Rinspeed, FEEDZ, ZERO Motorcycles, Mattro Mobility
  Revolutions GmbH
– Vehicle makers, such as Terberg, Orten/Libner, Dülmer,
  Hartmann & Ostmann
– Workshop equipment supplier AVL Ditest
– Vehicle conversion companies, such as Karabag/Wemag (Fiat 500  
  Reevolt) and Gessner (VW buses)
– Lightweight-construction companies, such as Toray and Stadur
– Gas-system manufacturers, such as PRINS, STAKO and Fagumit
– E-mobility provider GESPA
– Parts manufacturer ElringKlinger AG (components for drive
How can particles, CO2 emissions and fuel consumption be cut as far as possible? Market-leader Prins Autogassysteme, winner of the Automechanika Innovation Award and Green Directory Award 2012, will show the latest solutions for liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) and natural gas (CNG and LNG) and, together with its partners, present solutions for direct-injection petrol engines tested and available in Germany, the Prins DLM-2.0 and VSI-2.0 DI. Additionally, two Polish companies, Stako and Fagumit, will exhibit components for LPG and CNG systems.
Vehicle converter and e-mobility pioneer Karabag, which was taken over by the WEMAG utility company earlier this year, is set to present its ReeVOLT Transformation Kit, which enables any workshop to convert conventional vehicles to electric power without difficulty. Comprising an electric motor, control system, battery pack and independent heating system, the conversion kit is suitable for cars, transporters and even classic cars. This will be demonstrated by the e-Beetle, the Karabag New500e based on a Fiat 500, which was launched this year, and a Fiat Transporter.
“The commercial electro-mobility market is much more interesting than the private market because many commercial vehicles are used for fixed routes and, therefore, within a projectable framework. For tradesmen or nursing services, e-vehicles are already an economic alternative to petrol or diesel powered vehicles,” says WEMAG Development Manager Raymond See explaining the utility company’s interest in the sector. To ensure the better integration of e-cars in the urban environment, WEMAG and Karabag are working with partners to develop energy-management and wireless charging solutions.
GESPA is a provider of complete systems in the field of electro-mobility and renewable energies and distinguished by internal expertise in the fields of electro-mobility, project development and after-sales services. Innovative solar carports with storage batteries, charging infrastructures and the associated electro vehicles are all part of the company’s day-to-day business. In this connection, GESPA can draw on a network of partners for sales, planning, financing and assembly, around which the holistic systems are developed and offered. Using this network, GESPA can also operate in other European markets.
A successful example of a medium-sized network is Streetscooter, the car version of which will be on show at the fair. That RWTH Aachen University can boast numerous other research projects on electric car components in addition to Streetscooter is to be seen from the KERME project to develop a scalable electric motor, a module set for making e-motors with different outputs from as many identical parts as possible. The AVA-Kühler-Haugg Group in Aachen designed the cooling circuit, including heat exchanger, for this project and will present the prototype of a new kind of heat store at the fair.
The fact that new drive-chain concepts also call for new, lightweight structures made of new materials is reflected by prototype cases for the Streetscooter made by Stadur, a company that has great ambitions in the field of lightweight construction and has announced that it will be presenting new lightweight sandwich elements at the fair. Other exhibitors in this field include Ostmann, Düllmer Fahrzeugbau, Orten and Libner, who will show that the various vehicle weight categories need to be redefined. Thus, visitors to Hall 10 will be able to see a number of vehicles in the transporter segment, which are characterized by new technical concepts with higher load capacities of up to 1.2 tons – more than ever before.


The German E-Mobility Association (Bundesverband eMobilität e. V. (BEM)) will make a presentation in a lounge setting and, as an independent body of experts, monitor the exchange of information between international players.
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