Goodyear Unveils Full Line Of Braking Components

Goodyear Unveils Full Line Of Braking Components

The line includes brake bundles, calipers, rotors, brake pads and all the hardware for today’s most popular vehicles.

In a licensing deal with FDP Virginia, Goodyear Brakes announced that it is introducing a full line of braking components.

Goodyear Brakes “was created to address a critical need in the automotive aftermarket for a trusted brand of high-quality brake pads and bundles that are backed by a national warranty, decades of production experience and one of the best-known names in automotive excellence,” the company said in a news release.

“There is a tremendous opportunity for a trusted brand of braking components in the market today,” said Wally McCarty, senior vice president of business development for Goodyear Brakes. “While OEM braking systems have improved and advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) have reduced extreme brake wear and increased the brakes’ lifespan, there are very few well-known brand names in the brake category. So this makes it difficult for consumers to determine what are premium-quality brake system components and fair prices when replacing brakes on their vehicle.”

Premium-quality brake bundles, calipers, rotors, brake pads and all the hardware for today’s most popular vehicles are manufactured by Goodyear Brakes, the company noted.

“The Goodyear Brakes mission is to provide the most trusted brand of braking components that make your vehicle as safe as possible,” noted Bob Bouwma, director of engineering and advanced technologies for Goodyear Brakes. “Our team of engineers and scientists work every day to improve the quality, performance and durability of each set of brakes we provide. Using the most advanced technology available in friction science today, the brake bundles are designed to be safe, quiet and long-lasting.”

Goodyear Brakes will be sold through on Amazon and CARid, according to the company. The portal is designed to give consumers a direct channel to identify their braking-system needs using their VIN and license plate information, then order all of the components online. The website also provides expert advice, “how-to” videos and proper guidance for brake maintenance and replacement projects.

Aftermarket demand for brake systems and components in North America is forecast to advance 2.6% per annum through 2021 to $4.3 billion, according to research by the Freedonia Group. More than 90% of the brake-pad market is private-label products.

Goodyear Brakes are offered through a licensing collaboration with Goodyear. The American-made brake pads are manufactured using a proprietary green production process, according to Goodyear. The rotors are made to OEM standards by OEM-approved manufacturers around the world. Calipers are remanufactured in North America, and a majority of that manufacturing process has returned to the United States, according to the company.

The Goodyear Brakes product line was developed through decades of friction-science experience, advanced engineering and thorough laboratory and on-road testing, according to Goodyear. Testing was performed at the company’s labs in Virginia, and third-party testing was conducted by Link Engineering Co. in Detroit. Testing included dynomometer tests, independent laboratory tests, environmental tests and certification, analytical tests, vehicle traffic tests and performance vehicle tests.

“Goodyear Brakes braking systems offer superior braking performance and consistent braking through all temperature ranges, as well as excellent corrosion prevention through its proprietary Antiox Max coating for maximum rust and corrosion protection,” the company said. “This is a critical protection needed for driving in inclement weather and brine-treated streets.”

The product line includes brake pads, rotors and calipers, as well as brake hardware.

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