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HELLA Introduces New Products At SEMA/AAPEX

The focus of the presentation will be on innovative product solutions that contribute to greater safety and comfort in road traffic and to an individualized vehicle design.


At SEMA and AAPEX 2019 in Las Vegas, lighting and electronics expert HELLA will be presenting new product for passenger cars and emergency vehicles (SEMA booth No. 20571, AAPEX booth No. 1625). The focus of the presentation will be on innovative product solutions that contribute to greater safety and comfort in road traffic and to an individualized vehicle design.


K-LED Rebelution: the first HELLA beacon using EdgeLight technology

HELLA has transferred EdgeLight technology from the automotive sector and then applied for patent approval for the optical warning system segment. The light emerges from a narrow, 8mm-high light band instead of through a dome. Whether it’s trucks and trailers, agricultural and forestry machinery or municipal vehicles, out in the fields, on the construction site or along the road are exposed to a great diversity of weather conditions, the light from the LED the light from an LED is coupled into the back of the light guide and emitted uniformly over its entire length by means of total reflection through the light guide. This then generates a long-range warning signal. With protection class IP6K9K.

New LED Rallye 4000 Metal and LED Rallye 3003

The new LED Rallye 4000 Metal and LED Rallye 3003 auxiliary headlamps succeed in combining function and design in one product. The highlight is the striking position light, the hexagonal contour of which, when the light is switched on, displays a characteristic lighting design during the day and at night. Available both as a “metal” version in black and as a “chromium” one. In order to ensure an optimum operating temperature of the LEDs, a horizontal cooling fin provides effective thermo management. Available as wide and lon-range illumination. And finally thanks to the multi-voltage function, these auxiliary headlamps are suitable for 12 and 24 Volt rated voltage.


New HELLA Electronics components for the aftermarket segment

HELLA presents its new product portfolio ranges from complex body electronics such as central control units and access systems to various electronics components, including sensors and vacuum pumps. HELLA is also active in the rapidly growing energy management and driver assistance systems segments, where we offer a wide range of attractive innovations.


When it comes to accessories and work lights HELLA VALUEFIT is a great alternative, introducing its new 500 LED auxiliary driving light with high-power LEDs with striking accent light design with 15 High intensity LEDs and a precisely calculated reflector create a homogeneous beam pattern with 2100 lumens and multivolt 10-30V DC function. Additionally, four new work lights will be introduced during the SEMA / AAPEX show, details will be presented during the show. 

HELLA Optical Warning Mini Lightbars 10” and 16”

The new powerful LED Mini Lightbars generate an intensive 360°-degree warning signal and are suitable for various applications. Both sizes (10” and 16” length) offer different design and mounting options and combine a flashing and rotating signal in one product. The Micro and Mini Lightbars are available with either a clear or amber lens, whereby the built-in LEDs and thus also the warning signal for both design variants are amber. Depending on the mounting variant, the flat roof bars can be mounted with a bracket or a magnet and are suitable for both 12 and 24 V systems.

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