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Honeywell Friction Materials Doubles The Size Of Its Annual Customer Loyalty Program

Reaping Bendix Ultimate Rewards is easy as 1-2-3 for professional technicians and counterpros, the company says.


TROY, Mich. — Both automotive service center technicians and counterpeople will be rewarded for their loyalty to Bendix products this year with the launch of Ultimate Rewards 2012, the newly expanded and simplified incentive program from Bendix.


The promotion, which runs March 31  through Dec. 31, enables technicians and counterpros to earn reward points for selling and installing qualifying Bendix products. Participants first register for the program via, submit sales of qualifying products online, and then send in the required sales documentation.

The process has become even easier this year – program participants now have the flexibility to send their own in-house reports as documentation of qualifying Bendix sales and the option to email sales backup, in addition to the mail and fax options previously offered, the company says. 

Reward points earned may be redeemed anytime during the program period for a wide selection of electronics, gas cards, household appliances, popular Bendix branded items, sporting equipment and more.

“Our customers have played a crucial role in making Bendix an industry leader, so we’ve turned to them to help us enhance the reward offerings and streamline the overall structure of the program,” said Jim Kelley, director of sales for the Americas, Honeywell Friction Materials. “We’ve customized the gift offerings based on what our customers said they’d like – a variety of electronics and office equipment for counterpros, and an expanded selection of electronics, shop accessories and sporting goods for technicians.”


Qualifying products include: Bendix CT3, Bendix CQ, Bendix TitaniuMetallic II, Bendix Fleet MetLok, Bendix IQ and Bendix SUV brake pads; Bendix premium new and relined brake shoes; Bendix loaded and semi-loaded calipers; Bendix new master cylinders, wheel cylinders, drums and rotors, cable and hardware; and Bendix Global products (friction, drums and rotors).

Technicians and counterpros interested in participating in the Ultimate Rewards 2012 program should visit for more information.

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