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Hot Shot’s Secret Introduces Green Diamond 15W-40 Synthetic Fleet Engine Oil

The unique blend is infused with FR3 Nano Technology and a CK-4 additive package to improve mileage and performance.

Hot Shot's Secret

Hot Shot’s Secret now provides a full synthetic 15W-40 engine oil in its Green Diamond Fleet line of diesel oils. Recommended for most diesel applications, the 100% purely synthetic engine oil is infused with Hot Shot’s Secret FR3 Nano Technology and a CK-4 additive package.

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Developed specifically for severe duty fleets hauling heavy loads, stop and go deliveries, or operations where there are high level of airborne particulates, Green Diamond Fleet Engine Oil keeps the injectors, turbo and engine cleaner, and it provides lubrication for optimum long-lasting protection.

Green Diamond Fleet is a pure, 100%-synthetic engine oil composed of Group III base oils infused with Hot Shot’s Secret’s highly effective FR3 Nano Technology for improved protection. This unique blend provides exceptional cleaning, oxidation and thermal stability to prevent the accumulation of deposits and oil breakdown. Shearing and friction is reduced, film strength is preserved and oil stays cleaner longer. With use, fleets can benefit from longer drain intervals as well as improved mileage and horsepower. Other benefits include reduced soot, noise and vibration.

This fleet oil additive package, CK-4, not only meets the strict requirements from Ford for added wear protection, as stated in Ford Specification WSS-M2C171-F1, in comparison to most CJ-4 spec oils, but Green Diamond Fleet also lowers oil consumption 78%, reduces wear 71% less than typical CJ-4 spec oils and reduces soot 46% over CJ-4. Tests have proven an increase of up to 3% in fuel economy.

Hot Shot’s Secret Green Diamond Fleet engine oil is available as a 5W-40 or 15W-40 blend, in either a 1-gallon or 5-gallon container. Green Diamond Fleet is recommended for use every 6,000 miles and can be used for up to 60,000 miles.


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