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Hot Shot’s Secret Launches New Talk Show

“The Steve Sommers Overnight Drive” call-in talk show will stream live from the brand-new Hot Shot’s Secret Studios.

“The Steve Sommers Overnight Drive” show launches officially at 12 a.m. EST on Monday, Jan. 11.

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The five-hour overnight call-in talk show will stream live from the brand-new Hot Shot’s Secret Studios and have a similar trucking-focused format as Steve’s prior radio show, “America’s Truckin’ Network.” However, the new show also will provide a greater production flexibility with an expanded new audience and freedom to cover topics of interest to his callers, according to Hot Shot’s Secret.

The show is scheduled to air weekly from midnight to 5 a.m. EST Monday through Friday and is the brainchild of longtime sponsor Hot Shot’s Secret. As before, callers will be able to speak direct with Steve during the live show by calling a toll free number: 844-844-3388.

To start, the live show will be featured exclusively on Hot Shot’s Secret’s YouTube and Facebookpages, which means for the first time, longtime fans will be able to hear and see Sommers behind the microphone. Plans for expanded distribution of the program are currently in the works and will be announced in the coming weeks.


“We are so excited to launch this new program and to get Steve back on the air where he belongs,” said Kyle Fischer, Hot Shot’s Secret director of branding and promotions. “He has an incredible fan base and a unique connection to the trucking community. The history of Hot Shot’s Secret and really, our company’s founding, is closely tied to the support we received from Steve on his radio show many years ago. One good turn deserves another. Now it’s our turn to show that we believe in him and the response we have received to date has been filled with nothing but overwhelming support.”

Sommers added: “Last year brought major change for everyone, and for some more than others. This is a new year with new opportunities and hopefully for all my fans, there will be a brighter future in 2021. For me, having the opportunity to reconnect once again with all my trucker friends coming home from a long night driving or those hard-working people that are up night after night working their jobs – it is a dream come true. To have the freedom to be able to produce and direct the content of my own show, and knowing about all of these great plans we have coming to add to the show … I’m just incredibly humbled and really excited at the opportunity.” 


Fischer concludes, “We have been busy. In just a matter of weeks, we have managed to bring Steve Sommers aboard, build the new Hot Shot’s Secret Studios from ground up, and now we are days away from the official launch… which has remained our primary goal; to get Steve back on air with his fans ASAP. Now we begin to switch gears with a new focus of expanding the distribution of the program through all channels possible, including web streaming, podcasts, phone apps, satellite radio, terrestrial radio – you name it. We are fortunate to have a talent like Steve on the team, so we are going to provide the largest platform possible for Steve to do what he does best.”

“The Steve Sommers Overnight Drive” show is currently solely supported by Hot Shot’s Secret. Hot Shot’s Secret founder Chris Gabrelcik has been a supporter of Steve’s prior radio show for many years, often being a guest on the show as both longtime friends are based in Ohio. The new Hot Shot’s Secret Studios are located in Cincinnati.

Mount Gilead, Ohio-based Hot Shot’s Secret manufactures more than 35 diesel and gas performance additives, specialty oils and a line of lubricants for multiple markets including heavy-duty transportation, the automotive aftermarket, motorsports, powersports, RV, agriculture and more. 

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