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Hytec Automotive Launches New Electrical Component Line

The new Electrical Shield Technologies product line offers cost-effective alternatives to retailers and installers, Hytec says.



DORAL, Fla. – The Hytec Automotive Group has announced the launch of a new line of electrical component parts for the automotive aftermarket. According to Hytec, the new Electrical Shield Technologies (EST) product line includes TS-16949-certified fuel pumps and ignition coils, joining an extensive line of TS-16949-certified aftermarket products from Hytec, including heavy-duty batteries, water pumps, shock absorbers, hub bearings, fan belts and fan clutches. Electrical Shield Technologies parts are used in aftermarket applications as power sources for all makes and models of automobiles.

According to Hytec, the Electrical Shield Technology line of fuel pumps is designed for outstanding fuel delivery, easy installation and proper fit are compatible with all fuels and additives. The pumps, manufactured with solid-state, worry-free electronics, also eliminate vapor lock and flooding, according to the company. EST pumps work well for fuel transfer and make a great stand-alone or booster pump, Hytec says. These self-priming pumps work with a quality engineered two-wire design and on a 12-volt negative ground systems only.


EST ignition coils feature advanced engineering technology, high-quality steel cores with optimized winding, resistance and turns ratios to deliver 10 to 15 percent more energy than OEM coils, according to Hytec. They are designed as a direct OEM replacement part. Specialized high-temperature epoxy resists shock and vibration, while increasing thermal conductivity. These are direct plug replacements for OEM coils. They feature bodies and/or secondary towers and feature brass secondary contacts (except direct fire coil on plug applications).

“We are very proud to introduce this new line of electronic automotive aftermarket parts,” said Hytec Automotive COO Gilberto Lopez. “I am excited to witness our steady growth and expansion of what once was just a water pump manufacturing-oriented business to a now multi-level manufacturing and distribution business. The addition of both fuel pumps and ignition coils to our current product line will augment the high-quality, cost-effective electrical product alternatives Hytec offers for both the retail aftermarket sector as well as service installers throughout North America.”


Visit Hytec Automotive at AAPEX 2013 in Las Vegas in booth No. 4479 on the Upper Level.

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