i have a 1987 ranger stx 2.9L 4x4 and i have the crapola autohubs. i have done everything to fix them such as replace the cam and clean hub body.

i have a 1987 ranger stx 2.9L 4×4 and i have the crapola autohubs. i have done everything to fix them such as replace the cam and clean hub body.

when the truck is up on my lift, the hubs engage properly (grab the left front and the right front spins so all is well, no clicking or anything) i though i had solved the problem, well think again i put the truck on the ground, engaged 4x4 and all it did was ratchet and spin... my question now is if i can just grab the whole manual hub set up on a 83-90 ranger, lock nuts and hubs everything like that and if it is a direct swap.

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