I have a '91 Civic DX 1.5L manual trans. It has a check engine light on.

I have a ’91 Civic DX 1.5L manual trans. It has a check engine light on.

I have a '91 Civic DX 1.5L manual trans. It has a check engine light on. When I figured out what the code meant it was, "Ignition Output Signal." The car runs fine! In my mind ignition output signal would be coil, wires. But it runs perfect. What does this code actually mean!?

It refers to the timing position sensor. Look at the output for the sensor to see if it is within spec. Many engine management systems will substitute signal inputs with a know good data so the vehicle will mask the problem. I would take it to a ASE-certified automotive Technician.

–Andrew Markel
Editor/ASE Certified Automotive Technician
Editor, Brake & Front End magazine


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