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Interstate Batteries Introduces Deep-Cycle Marine/RV Battery

Interstate saw an opportunity to launch a more powerful and cost-efficient product within the RV-battery market.


Interstate Batteries recently announced its next venture in the battery market with an enhanced deep-cycle RV battery (EFB), designed to fill a gap in the RV market.

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After years of research and product testing, Interstate saw an opportunity to launch a more powerful and cost-efficient product within the RVbattery market, which grew an estimated 30% in 2020, according to the company.  

As more people are traveling on the road in RVs, and with the increased power demands of RVs, the Interstate EFB provides the tough, long-lasting deep cycles needed to support growing onboard amenities such as TV, refrigerators, cooktops, computers and more. 

“Interstate Batteries is excited about the opportunities surrounding the RV-battery industry,” said Jeff Barron, engineering and technical services specialist at Interstate Batteries. “We have spent the last several years researching and testing this product and are confident that our dealers and consumers will appreciate having a more cost-efficient battery option.”


The 24M-EFB ($169.95) and 27M-EFB ($179.95) batteries are designed to be more durable during traditional battery life, and include a reinforced positive strip with added corrosion resistance to help extend battery life. The maintenance-free batteries also are designed to minimize water loss during battery life.

“Ultimately, with the ever-increasing electrification in the boating and RV industry, deep-cycle batteries need to be able to do more,” said Scott Miller, president and CEO of Interstate Batteries. “Our EFB product packs a punch for a great price, offers a longer battery lifespan and gives our customers a more reliable and cost-efficient option.” 

The 24M-EFB and 27M-EFB are both available to order through Interstate Batteries dealers as well at participating Interstate All Battery Center locations. To learn more about the EFB or to get started as an Interstate dealer, visit

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