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It’s 2013: Has Your Parts Operation Planned For The Coming Year?

In the publishing business, it is imperative that we are planned out a year in advance.


Well, the New Year is upon us and if you have read previous year-end columns, you know how I feel about planning for the upcoming year. I am sure you have all done your planning and are working at attaining the goals you have set for yourselves and your businesses. That is no small task in of itself, and if you have already done it, my hat is off to you. If not, there is still time to look at what you want to do and make a plan. As the ad says, “Just Do It!”


In the publishing business, it is imperative that we are planned out a year in advance. That gives us the ability to have the best editorial and stories available for you from the most knowledgeable sources. Of course, we also need the ability to add in pertinent stories on issues that crop up throughout the year.  We all know in this business and economy there will be lots of changes and hot topics during the year.

You can count on Counterman to be on the scene and have the most up-to-date info to help you assist your customers. That’s why we have someone at all major industry events. If you are looking for current information just visit us on the Web at or sign up for our twice-weekly newsletter. Additionally, all previous content from our past editions is available for free on the website. We feel it is our job to be the best resource possible for our readers. We are dedicated to constantly bring you the latest products, procedures and trends in our industry.


This year, we have a jam-packed editorial lineup, covering everything to help you better serve your customers. Technical articles on subjects like belts, brake pads, O2 sensors and everything in between. If you need to know about it, you can count on us to have the information you need. Whether you are a single-store owner or part of a multi-store chain, you will find relevant and productive information on our pages.

However you choose to get your information — magazine, web or newsletter — we have you covered. If you have a particular subject you would like to read more about, just drop Mark or I a note and we can research it for a future article. Thanks for being a loyal reader and have a great 2013.

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