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Johnson Controls To Supply AGM Batteries To Chery Jaguar Land Rover

Advanced batteries will power energy-efficient vehicles in China.


SHANGHAI — Johnson Controls will provide its Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) advanced battery technology to power the Chery Jaguar Land Rover Start-Stop and other vehicles made in China to serve the China market.


"Johnson Controls is providing energy storage solutions to help our automotive customers meet increasingly stringent fuel economy and emissions standards," said Deborah Roberts , vice president and general manager original equipment, Johnson Controls Power Solutions, China. "Our AGM batteries have more robust cycling capability to meet the needs of start-stop vehicles as well as provide outstanding performance for vehicles with the most sophisticated power demands."

AGM batteries are a proven advanced energy storage solution for start-stop vehicles. Initially launched in Europe, Johnson Controls has manufactured more than 18 million AGM batteries since 2001, and now produces more than 4.5 million annually in Europe.

AGM batteries used in a start-stop system help reduce fuel consumption as the engine shuts off when the vehicle comes to a stop in traffic or at a red light. The battery restarts the engine when the driver’s foot releases the brake pedal or engages the clutch.


"Our advanced battery AGM technology can help consumers save 5 to 8 percent in their vehicle fuel costs every year as well as helping them reduce their CO2 emissions," said Roberts. Globally, over the next five years, start-stop vehicles with Johnson Controls’ AGM batteries will reduce CO2 emissions by 12.6 million tons and save more than 1.2 billion gallons of fuel, the company says.

Johnson Controls estimates the global start-stop market for new vehicles, powered by AGM batteries, could reach 35 million annually by 2017. To support this growth, it is investing $520 million globally to increase production in the U.S., Europe and China.

Johnson Controls AGM battery technology characteristics include:

• Glass mat separator consistently maintains the electrolyte around the positive plate to extend life

• Tight-fitting construction exerts uniform, high-pressure on the plates in the battery and reduces the effects of vibration

• Sealed, valve-regulated battery delivers extreme cycle life and high-energy throughput

To learn more about Johnson Controls’ AGM battery technology, click here.


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