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KYB Launches ‘Strut-Plus Rewards’ For Parts Sellers

Following up on its popular “Feeling is Believing” consumer-rebate offer, KYB continues its 2021 national promotion schedule with the May 1 launch of “Strut-Plus Rewards.” 

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Beginning in May, parts professionals will have the opportunity to earn extra cash by recommending and selling KYB Strut-Plus and Truck-Plus assemblies.  

“Parts Professionals are incredibly important to our industry. This promotion gives us a chance to recognize them for recommending KYB products,” said Aaron Shaffer, KYB’s director of marketing. 

“Strut-Plus Rewards” allows parts professionals to earn up to $450 on a prepaid Mastercard gift card. During the two-month promotional period, participants will earn $10 on sales of four KYB shocks and/or struts and $25 on sales of two KYB Strut-Plus or Truck-Plus assemblies.

Parts Professionals can learn more about this promotion, register and track their sales at  The “Strut Plus Rewards” promotion runs from May 1 through June 30.

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