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Lucas Oil Steering-Unit Additive Seals Leaks, Stops Squeals

As the power-steering pump ages, it’s common for seal leaks to occur, which results in fluid loss.


Lucas Oil’s Power Steering Stop Leak is an effective blend of special oils and petroleum-extracted additives that leaves little room for error, according to the manufacturer.


“With the confidence of a money-back guarantee from Lucas Oil Products, the American-based manufacturer and distributor of lubricants and additives, Power Steering Stop Leak is guaranteed to keep your steering unit in pristine condition,” the company said in a news release. 

As your power-steering pump ages, it’s common for seal leaks to occur, which results in fluid loss. Poor lubrication in your steering system can make for really annoying squeals and complicate steering ability, significantly reducing the life expectancy of your vehicle. Power Steering Stop Leak’s unique formulation is specially designed to correct these issues immediately, and with only one bottle, according to Lucas Oil.


Power Steering Stop Leak’s formula is designed to reduce slack in rack and pinion and eliminate annoying squeals for good.

“It’s especially ideal for older cars, which face fluid issues more commonly,” the company noted. “This is a cost-effective solution for an otherwise pricey repair.”

Free of harmful solvents and made to keep leaking vehicles off the roads, the steering-unit additive can be used on cars, semi-trucks and aquatic vessels. 

Compatible with all power-steering fluids, the product controls squeals, whines and hard spots; renews and conditions worn seals; and improves steering response, according to the company.


Lucas Oil Power Steering Stop Leak is now available at AutoZone, O’Reilly Auto Parts, NAPA Auto Parts, Carquest, Advance Auto Parts and other stores.

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