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Lucas Oil Ethanol Fuel Conditioner Prevents Varnish And Gum

The fuel conditioner is safe to use with both two-stroke and four-stroke engines.


Manufactured by Lucas Oil Products, Safeguard ethanol fuel conditioner with stabilizers is designed to provide protection against issues that may arise when using ethanol-based fuels.

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“Today’s fuels vary in quality, which is precisely why this fuel conditioner contains effective additives to prevent engine rust and corrosion associated with ethanol fuels,” the company said in a news release.  

Lucas Oil’s formula is entirely soluble in all ethanol fuels and contains effective oxidation inhibitors to stabilize fuel and prevent varnish and gum, according to the company. As a result, Lucas Oil’s Safeguard ethanol fuel conditioner with stabilizers will not harm filters as it works to combat deposits and protect engine-oil lubricants from the harmful effects of alcohol combustion. 

The fuel conditioner is ideal for automobile and marine applications and is safe to use with both two-stroke and four-stroke engines. This includes fuel mixtures such as E-10, E-15, E-85, pure ethanol and others in between, including gasoline. 

When applied to ethanol fuel regularly, users can expect to enjoy the following benefits: 

  • Cleans injectors, valve seats, combustion chambers and other critical fuel components
  • Stabilizes fuel and prevents varnish and gum formation in ethanol and gasoline 
  • Combats deposits and protects engine-oil lubricants from the harmful effects of alcohol combustion
  • Inhibits corrosion

Lucas Oil Safeguard ethanol fuel conditioner with stabilizers is available at AutoZone, O’Reilly Auto Parts, NAPA Auto Parts, CarQuest, Advance Auto Parts and more.

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