Mac Tools Reinvents the Impact Wrench

Mac Tools Reinvents the Impact Wrench

Mac Tools, a leading manufacturer of auto repair tools and equipment, recently announced the launch of four impact wrenches in the new AWP Titanium Series. The new series of auto tools represents Mac Tools’ commitment to automotive tool quality and is their most durable and powerful impact wrench ever made.

The new AWP Titanium Series includes a 3/8-inch drive impact (AWP038), 1/2-inch drive compact (AWPO50C), 1/2-inch drive industrial impact (AWP050), and 3/4-inch drive heavy-duty impact (AWP075). These Mac Tools exclusive impact wrenches were thoroughly tested and approved by professional technicians at truck, tire, diesel and independent shops, as well as dealerships servicing heavy equipment.

“The new AWP Titanium Series Impact Wrenches are the most durable and powerful family of impact tools we’ve ever designed and built,” said Jeff Connell, Mac Tools product manager, power tools. “Professionals require impacts that are not only powerful, but live up to the rigors of the shop. The AWP Titanium Series will change the way technicians view impacts.”

The AWP Impact Wrenches are constructed with titanium front housing for reduced weight and maximum durability in the garage. The titanium has superior strength and is more durable than composite and aluminum parts and lower weight than other metals. A rubber bumper provides anti-marring protection and a side fed air motor provides an unobstructed path for air flow resulting in more power in high-torque applications such as changing tires, crankshaft bolts and engine tear down. An innovative motor construction reduces the number of parts needed and ultimately lowers the weight of the tool. This lower weight and higher break away torque results in the highest “power-to-weight-ratio” in the marketplace. The impact wrenches also feature a titanium exhaust deflector for increased durability, an integrated muffler for reduced noise and a 360 degree rotation air inlet providing the technicians ease of movement while operating the tool.

Beyond power and torque, technicians and mechanics stress ergonomics when operating tools on a daily basis. The AWP Titanium Series addresses this need in both design and function. The impacts include a handle forward design for superior comfort and balance that reduces operator fatigue. A soft rubber grip delivers comfort during prolonged use. In addition, a one-hand power adjustment and forward/reverse system enables the technician a free hand to hold fasteners and complete his job easier and more efficiently. A feathered throttle offers maximum operator control over the power output.

The four wrenches are now available via Mac Tools distributors and franchisees.

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