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Maintenance Minded?


There are thousands of ways to educate the consumer about the benefits of automotive maintenance and repair. Many of the most effective ones start right at the parts counter or service facility. After all, you are the experts and the public takes your advice seriously.


However, enticing the service provider to actively engage in educating customers can be a chore. The Be Car Care Aware campaign offers assistance through its newly created Service Interval Schedule.

The schedule addresses systems and components from batteries and cables to fluids to cleaning and polishing. While the Council cautions motorists to consult their owner’s manual for specific recommendations, the Service Interval Schedule is a quick reference guide that explains when to have specific components and systems serviced. These include: fluids, battery and cables, belts, brakes, filters, lubrication, lighting, cleaning, exhaust, hoses, steering and suspension, tire inflation and condition and wiper blades.


As you might imagine, the Service Interval Schedule was not an easy document to compile. It is a notable accomplishment for a number of reasons, not the least of which is cooperation from major aftermarket companies, many of whom are competitors. These organizations appreciate the importance of having a service schedule distilled to a single page in an easy-to-read, easy-to-follow format for motorists to use as a reference tool for preventive maintenance service.

These companies also understand that the Service Interval Schedule doubles as an effective sales tool. Because it comes from the Car Care Council, an authoritative, non-profit, third party, the information is more credible than a piece created solely for commercial purposes.


The Council encourages all levels of the aftermarket to download the schedule at no charge and publish it in their newsletters, copy it as a handout at the counter, etc. Additionally, the Be Car Care Aware campaign has made the schedule available as a counter mat and a mirror hanger as a part of its Point of Sale Starter kit. For more information, log on, click on industry.


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