Make Time For Education

Make Time For Education

So often, training is available to those who really and truly need it but they won't make the time or effort to show up.

Why spend money making training available to those who won’t take advantage of it?

So often, training is available to those who really and truly need it but they won’t make the time or effort to show up. There always seems to be an excuse as to why and we’ve heard them all. Those same people would be the ones who complain about not getting the hours or the pay they think they deserve. And they’re the same ones who will not show up to a training session unless it’s during regular business hours. The biggest reason we hear is, “we are not getting paid for that.” That may be true and in some cases legitimate, but, what if you showed up anyway?

Training is offered to many on many different platforms. When training is offered, we should make every effort to be able to attend that training. You have to go in with the right mindset and believe there may be something that you’ve forgotten. Sometimes, a little refresher is great.

Everyone’s heard the adage that “time is money.” Will you see an immediate return on investment? Not always, but if you spend your time learning, it will translate into a better career down the road and most likely, more money. 

Not too long ago a business opportunity came along for my wife. That opportunity was to go to Oklahoma City and work at a booth show. When we first got there, it looked like a losing proposition. But soon, it hit me: We needed to make the most of it.

Not every venture you get into is going be a “profitable” situation, at least in the short-term. But if you use that opportunity to learn and study, eventually, the education should more than make up the difference. As I get older and hopefully wiser, it becomes more evident that no one can take my experience away from me.
For those of you who are serious about this profession and your career, I am certain your employer would be glad to create training and educational opportunities for you.

Your version of success may be different than any other out there and that is just fine. If monetary gain is your only reason for existence, you are most likely destined for unhappiness in the auto parts world. A long and sustained career with a great deal of education can translate to a decent and steady paycheck in a stable industry. The industry is changing, it is changing rapidly and those who do not train and educate themselves will be left behind.

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