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Maker Of Hot Shot’s Secret Brand Introduces Two-Step Fuel Additive

The treatment plan is developed to improve fuel mileage and engine performance for all diesel vehicles.



MT. GILEAD, Ohio – Lubrication Specialties, manufacturer of Hot Shot’s Secret fuel and oil additives, said it has introduced a new two-step fuel-additive treatment plan.

The treatment plan is designed to work with all diesel engines for light-, medium- and heavy-duty import and domestic vehicles.

The first step in the treatment plan is Hot Shot’s Secret Diesel Extreme, which is formulated as a top-tier lubricity additive, moisture dispersant and fuel stabilizer to restore power and performance to all diesel engines, especially engines with long-term or extreme use, according to the company.

Diesel Extreme has a prescribed treatment ratio of four ounces to every 10 gallons, every six months or 6,000 miles.

Diesel Extreme is designed to clean the fuel tank, fuel lines and injectors. As a concentrated cleaner, Diesel Extreme removes internal diesel injector deposits, including waxy and polymeric deposits. It also removes moisture, boosts cetane, neutralizes acid and adds lubrication to the fuel pump and injectors, according to the company.


Benefits include increased fuel economy – proven up to 5 percent during a steady-state 55 mph test – restored throttle response, eliminated smoke, improved fuel mileage and improved cold starting, according to Lubrication Specialists.

The second step in the two-step treatment plan is to add Hot Shot’s Secret Everyday Diesel Treatment (EDT) fuel additive with each fill-up.

EDT is a highly concentrated cetane improver, designed to boost cetane up to seven points. Formulated to increase fuel economy and improve performance, EDT turns ordinary diesel fuel into a premium fuel that speeds up the oxidative process during combustion for more power and fuel mileage, according to the company.


As a daily treatment, EDT maintains clean injectors and prevents rust, corrosion, gum and sludge formation. Additionally, it neutralizes acid, disperses moisture and adds lubricity on a daily basis, according to Lubrication Specialists.

Condensed water in fuels is a major cause of rust, icing in cold weather and the growth of microorganisms in warm weather. Operation of diesel engines is noticeably improved when corrosion and growth of bacteria are prevented. EDT contains an exclusive polar lubricity additive to prevent wear without altering fuel viscosity, according to the company.

Recommended use is one ounce per 25 gallons of diesel fuel.

“Combined, this two-step fuel additive treatment provides maximum engine protection while ensuring the greatest potential fuel mileage from diesel fuel in all diesel vehicles,” Lubrication Specialists said.


Both American-made products in the Hot Shot’s Secret Two-Step Treatment Plan are available online and at major automotive retailers throughout the United States.

For more information, visit or call (800) 341-6516.

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