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MAM Releases New Version Of EMI+ Business Intelligence Tool


ALLENTOWN, Pa. – MAM Software Inc. has announced the release of a new version of EMI+, a Business Intelligence (BI) add-on for its Autopart business management software. Delivering the reliable, up-to-date information that managers need to respond to challenging conditions and make informed decisions, EMI+ is an invaluable tool for maximizing a business’s profitability, MAM says.


Developed using the latest Microsoft.Net technologies, this new version of EMI+ has been built from the ground up to integrate with MAM’s Autopart software to deliver high-performance analysis and reporting. Combining a clear user interface with powerful calculation routines and rich visualizations, EMI+ simplifies the analysis of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and helps users develop a deeper understanding of their businesses, according to the company.

“Every business has scope for improvement,” said Brian Allibon, president of MAM Software Inc. “Our new EMI+ application is a high-performance tool designed to help you identify where this potential lies. It analyzes your sales data to provide you with an accurate assessment of your company’s performance, allowing you to make informed decisions.


“EMI+ closely tracks your sales and margins to identify profit opportunities, and automatic alerts provide an early warning of declining sales. Data can be drilled down to the smallest detail, allowing you to analyze specific customers, products or staff; and fast, flexible charts present this information in a simple, explanatory fashion.”

For more information, visit or call (480) 760-1874.

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