MANN+HUMMEL’s Daryl Benton on ‘AMN Drivetime’

MANN+HUMMEL’s Daryl Benton on ‘AMN Drivetime’

Benton talks about innovating for the future as the Purolator brand celebrates 100 years.

In this latest episode of “AMN Drivetime,” Babcox Media CEO Bill Babcox sits down with Daryl Benton, vice president, sales and marketing automotive aftermarket, North America, MANN+HUMMEL, to discuss a wide range of topics.

The podcast delves into Daryl’s own career path from consumer products to the aftermarket, celebrating the 100-year anniversary of the Purolator brand and the way MANN+HUMMEL’s mission contributes to the health and safety of motorists and the environment today.

Starting out his career with a degree in mechanical engineering, early on Benton said he decided he would rather work on the growth side of the business than the supply side of the business. This took him on a career transition from working in manufacturing to marketing. Through this professional journey, Benton says he’s accrued skills and experiences he’d like to bring more of to the automotive aftermarket.

“I switched and moved into actually working in marketing with FritoLay and the PepsiCo organization,” said Benton. “I spent some time there before joining Diagio in the beverage alcohol business. Then I spent some time at Mars Chocolate in e-commerce and, that’s kind of where I got into automotive. It was a nice bridge between consumer products and the automotive space, which I think really helped to develop me and have the things that were needed with MANN+HUMMEL and helping to build and drive the filter business. 

“There are some things actually about working in consumer products in particular that I really appreciate and look to bring even more of into this automotive space. It is about having a deep understanding about customers and what they need and how they operate, developing brand propositions and products that really help to fulfill those needs – oftentimes for things people don’t require but they do it out of choice. So, helping to make sure that in these brands and in these products that actually are required in the automotive aftermarket space that the brands actually live up to those expectations and that we deliver the innovation and new products and new thinking that help to keep our customers engaged, interested and wanting to continue to spend time with our brands.”

Also in the interview, Bill and Daryl talk about:

  • 2:50 – His very first job as a young man growing up in Chicago
  • 4:08 – The insights Daryl brings to MANN+HUMMEL from his consumer products background
  • 6:11 – What it was like joining the company at the height of the pandemic
  • 8:55 – Celebrating the centennial anniversary of Purolator
  • 10:09 – The genesis of the Purolator brand name
  • 11:29 – Celebrating brand reputation and what it means for the future         
  • 15:06 – MANN+HUMMEL’s mission and its role in sustainability 
  • 19:14 – As an avid traveler, some of Daryl’s favorite trips
  • 22:04 – The fun and fast Lightning Round!

AMN Drivetime is sponsored by Litens.

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