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MAS Industries Unveils New Tagline

The new tagline was unveiled in conjunction with the launch of its new website at


MAS Industries

MONTREAL – In conjunction with the launch of its new website at, MAS Industries has launched a brand new tagline, “The Right Solution.”


Mark Stermer, president of MAS, said, “When we look at the chassis landscape we believe that there is an awful lot of confusion perpetrated by our competitors. At MAS our program is very simple and easy to understand. Our products and line make-up are a direct reflection of OE. We have the most complete catalog due to our OE research and provide the right part for the right application. We do not confuse the issue with multiple grades of product, supplying only the right part for each application at a highly competitive price.”

George Greene, MAS vice president of sales and marketing, added, “Offering only premium products at very competitive pricing puts MAS in a very unique position. Our customers have come to realize that they don’t make any money until they make a sale, and with MAS they get greater sales and higher margins.”


Longtime aftermarket manufacturer’s rep Denny Hershey, who is new to the MAS sales team, also believes the new tagline is fitting. “Having been a manufacturer’s rep for 40 years, I just finished my first AAPEX show working as a manufacturer. We had so much fun sharing our story about what makes MAS different than our competition. Internally, as we have watched our competition try to justify their higher pricing, we have jokingly said that MAS is ‘no hype, just right,’ which has evolved into: ‘The Right Solution.'”

MAS Industries, which supplies chassis and control arms, began operations in 1997.

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