MEMA Leaders Chat About the Future on 'AMN Drivetime'

MEMA Leaders Chat About the Future on ‘AMN Drivetime’

MEMA leaders sat down with Bill Babcox to share a few updates on the realignment of the association announced in November.

In mid-November, the Motor & Equipment Manufacturers Association (MEMA) made a major announcement about a new business structure to better position the organization and the vehicle supplier community for the future.

The 118-year-old organization will now operate under one umbrella – MEMA – and will represent automotive and commercial vehicle suppliers with two groups: MEMA Aftermarket Suppliers Group and MEMA Original Equipment Suppliers Group. 

The association will formally kick off the new brand and organizational structure in January 2023. In the meantime, Bill Babcox visited with several of the key players in the reorganization: Bill Long, president and CEO, Motor & Equipment Manufacturers Association; Paul McCarthy, president, MEMA Aftermarket Suppliers; and Marc Blackman, president and CEO, Gold Eagle, and chairman, MEMA board of directors.

In this “AMN Drivetime” podcast, Babcox, Long, McCarthy and Blackman discuss the following:
0:55 Updates on the initial announcement and the significant benefits this realignment will offer MEMA members
02:52 – Who makes up membership in the two new divisions
05:15 – Primary areas of industry disruption the new MEMA will focus on
13:11 – Marc Blackman’s perspective as the leader of a supplier business
15:42 – How issues like reshoring and labor reform impact the vehicle supplier industry
18:25 – How the aftermarket specifically will be strengthened by this realignment and how it offers a stronger voice on Right to Repair
23:43 – Keeping members informed and educated on the latest emerging technologies
26:13 – Expectations for supply chain challenges this coming year
33:01 – What are the MEMA Centers of Excellence
“AMN Drivetime” is sponsored by Litens.

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