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Mevotech Launches New Line Of Parts – TTX ‘Terrain Tough’

TTX parts include new innovative technologies designed to extend the life of the part, according to Mevotech.


TORONTO, Canada — Mevotech Inc. has launched TTX, a new line of parts designed for
applications that require advanced reliability and durability.


“Until now, there hasn’t been anything in the aftermarket designed especially for heavy duty wear and tear,” said Scott Stone, VP of sales and marketing. “TTX comes from listening to our customers and understanding their need for parts that would extend maintenance cycles and keep vehicles on the road. TTX brings a new dimension to our ever-evolving product line and is part of our commitment to providing the most innovative technologies and the highest standards of quality to our customers.”

TTX parts include new innovative technologies designed to extend the life of the part, according to Mevotech:
•PWR-TEK Design guarantees minimum deformation at extreme loading conditions. Large
diameter flange ensures ease of assembly. The housing, made from high-tensile steel, twice as
strong as the materials used in other parts and includes an all-metal bearing design.
•Easysnap Locking combines tool-less installation, secure locking and extreme strength
•Integra-Boot has an exclusive ‘hugger’ design providing a very strong seal at the ball stud and
knuckles contact areas with internal enclosure to the ball joint through a high-strength steel base.
•Weather-Tech Finishing is especially designed to resist corrosion and maintain performance
integrity in extreme environmental conditions.

All of these technologies make the TTX line the perfect fit for applications such as taxis, delivery vehicles, construction, off-road vehicles and couriers, according to Mevotech. For more information about TTX, visit

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