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Micronet’s New Video Telematics Camera Receives FCC Authorization

MICT Inc. announced that Micronet Ltd, an entity in which MICT owns 30%, has received U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) authorization for its new advanced video telematics camera, SmartCam for 2.4 and 5 gigahertz.


The first model in Micronet’s new product line, SmartCam integrates driver-facing cameras, road-facing cameras, vehicle mechanical and operating data, vehicle location and a powerful telematics on-board computer, enabling local processing of artificial intelligence (AI) and image-processing algorithms, according to the company.  

SmartCam is joining the family of Micronet’s other advanced products, SmarTab and SmartHub, all of which are based on an open-software platform and Android operating system, enabling third-party applications and easing development efforts for customers, while generating recurring software-as-a-service income for Micronet.

“SmartCam is a highly innovative product, integrating AI and video technologies to bring a new value proposition to telematics customers by further improving driver safety and increasing fleet manager insight,” MICT CEO David Lucatz said. “By launching SmartCam, Micronet expands its reach into the fastest-growing segment of the multi-billion-dollar telematics market, while also increasing our software-as-a-service revenues through software and AI services.”

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