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Monroe OESpectrum Shocks And Struts Now Available For Domestic And Foreign Nameplate Models

Company says line expansion brings Tenneco’s proven, OE-based twin technology active control system to millions of additional vehicles.



MONROE, Mich. – Tenneco has announced that its line of Monroe OESpectrum shock absorbers and struts has been expanded to cover virtually all domestic and foreign nameplate passenger vehicle models. The OESpectrum line, which features the company’s next-generation, original equipment-based valving technology, was previously available only for foreign nameplate applications.

“Monroe OESpectrum shocks and struts have been an overwhelming success since their introduction four years ago, and service providers throughout North America have asked us to extend the benefits of this technology to all makes and models,” said Bill Dennie, director, ride control channel management, Tenneco North America Aftermarket. “OESpectrum units provide noticeably improved ride and handling characteristics as compared to conventional replacement shocks and struts, including our own Sensa-Trac products.”


Tenneco says to ensure a seamless transition to the new product lineup, virtually all premium Monroe passenger car shocks and struts – including Sensa-Trac units – manufactured in the past several months have been equipped with the same Twin Technology Active Control System utilized in OESpectrum units. This process was designed to ensure that an adequate supply of OESpectrum products is available to meet market demand, the company says.

“We have already heard from a number of repair shop owners who have noticed the enhanced control characteristics in the Sensa-Trac units they have received in recent months for domestic vehicles,” Dennie said. “They can be certain that the same impressive characteristics will be available through every OESpectrum shock or strut they install, regardless of the make and model they’re working on.”


Developed through years of research and on-vehicle testing, Monroe OESpectrum shocks and struts were designed to provide exceptional handling precision and control while filtering out the ride harshness commonly encountered in many late-model vehicles. According to Tenneco, this unique blend of control and comfort is made possible by each unit’s Twin Technology Active Control System, an exclusive internal damping approach first developed for leading global vehicle manufacturers. The system consists of Tenneco’s next-generation Impact Control Valve (ICV), which provides exceptional control under virtually all driving conditions, and a patented Low Speed Tunability (LST) piston design that isolates impact-related noise, vibration and harshness.


This technology is available in mono- and twin-tube OESpectrum units for passenger cars, vans, light trucks, sport-utility vehicles and crossover (CUV) models as well as in replacement cartridges for vehicles equipped with rebuildable strut systems.

“OESpectrum units essentially offer twice as many tuning points as conventional shocks and struts, which enables our engineers to eliminate the compromises between control and comfort in everyday driving situations,” Dennie said. “This breakthrough approach is just as beneficial in domestic vehicles as it has been in foreign nameplates.”

The next-generation ICV base valve in OESpectrum units is the same technology featured in every passenger vehicle mechanical shock and strut manufactured by Tenneco for the OE market. Tenneco is one of the world’s leading producers of mechanical shocks and struts, with nearly 90 million pieces supplied annually to global vehicle manufacturers and the replacement market. The company’s leading OE ride control customers include General Motors, Ford, Volkswagen Group, Renault and Daimler AG.


To learn more about Monroe OESpectrum shocks and struts, visit your local parts and/or service provider, log on towww.monroe.com, or visit the Tenneco exhibit (Booth No. 1626) this week at the AAPEX Show in Las Vegas.

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