Motul Debuts Improved 300v Racing Oil At 24 Hours Of Le Mans

Motul Debuts Improved 300v Racing Oil At 24 Hours Of Le Mans

The new 300V range ensures maximal oil-film resistance and consistent oil viscosity.

Motul, the French oil company founded in 1853, has announced the new and improved version of its flagship 300V high-performance racing oil at the 2021 24 hours of Le Mans.

Arriving 50 years after the original debut of 300V in 1971, the updated Motul 300V builds upon Motul’s legendary ESTER Core Technology and comes in an expanded range of viscosities with increased engine protection, reliability and power, the company noted.

“300V is at the core of the Motul brand,” said Motul USA Brand Manager Nolan Browning. “To develop the next generation of this legendary oil, we pushed the limits of our capabilities, gathering technical data from Motul-sponsored racing teams to develop a product worthy of the historic 300V name. We couldn’t be more excited to celebrate the 50th anniversary of 300V at Le Mans, where new 300V promises to deliver racing success.”

Marked by a 50% improvement in shear stability, the new 300V range ensures maximal oil-film resistance and consistent oil viscosity, reducing wear to vital engine components such as pistons, bearings and connecting rods during periods of extreme use, according to the company. The high detergent level of new 300V also improves engine cleanliness while increased oxidation and thermal resistance prolongs oil life.

Maximal polar adherence of the oil film helps deliver dyno-proven power gains and reduces friction between engine components for improved engine response as well as consistent oil pressure and lubrication. Low oil volatility and evaporation keep oil consumption to a minimum under extreme-use conditions, according to the company.

New 300V comes in an expanded range of oil weights for increased compatibility.

Motul designed the new low-viscosity grade (0W-8 to 5W-30) 300V POWER series for maximum horsepower and torque, optimizing the formula for engines subject to low oil-fuel dilution.

The new mid-viscosity grade (0W-40 to 15W-50) 300V COMPETITION series balances power and reliability and is formulated for engines subject to low oil fuel dilution.

Optimized for extreme racing conditions, the new high-viscosity grade (10W-60 to 20W-60) 300V LE MANS series, the only oil to bear the prestigious Le Mans name, offers maximum engine reliability with quantifiable performance benefits and is designed specifically for the intensity of endurance racing, the company noted.

Motul also has improved the ecological impact of the new 300V formulas, integrating synthetic organic base stocks into the new formulas. These base stocks are comprised of non-fossil renewable materials, decreasing Motul’s carbon footprint while upholding its commitment to performance.

“For 50 years, 300V has been Motul’s flagship oil line, trusted by racing teams throughout the world for its tested and proven composition,” Motul said in a news release. “New 300V looks toward the future of motorsports while offering improved formulations for historic and modern-classic race cars. Motul’s sponsorship agreement with the 24 Hours of Le Mans will further assist in the development of advanced lubricants and car care products like new 300V.”

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