MPA Releases 'Part Smart' Training Videos

MPA Releases ‘Part Smart’ Training Videos

From common knowledge to vehicle specific, two new MPA ‘Part Smart’ videos cover a range of knowledge, the company said.

MPA announced it released two new Part Smart training videos recognizing the importance of educating both installers and everyday drivers about vehicle repair. “While installers often have a deep understanding of starting and charging systems, it’s equally important to equip drivers with the knowledge to make informed decisions about maintaining and repairing their vehicles. By emphasizing both common and vehicle-specific repairs, MPA’s Part Smart videos aim to broaden automotive knowledge for everyone,” the company said.

Diagnosing and Fixing Slow Cranking & P0339 Error on Honda Accord

The first video, “Diagnosing and Fixing Slow Cranking & P0339 Error on Honda Accord (2008-2009)” (, features ASE certified Master Mechanic Nelson Davis. In this tutorial, Nelson guides viewers through identifying and resolving slow cranking issues in 2008-2009 Honda Accords with a 2.4L 4-cylinder engine. He explains how slow cranking can result from various factors, not just the starter, and details accurate diagnostic methods to avoid unnecessary part replacements. The video also focuses on the P0339 error code, which indicates erratic readings from the crankshaft position sensor, and includes updating the PCM software and performing a crankshaft position sensor relearn process using modern diagnostic tools.

Understanding and Maintaining Your Starting and Charging Systems

The second video, “Starting and Charging 101” (, addresses the knowledge gap many drivers and DIY enthusiasts have about their vehicle’s starting and charging systems. This comprehensive overview covers the battery’s role in powering the starter motor and ignition system, the importance of a reliable starting system, and the critical function of an efficient charging system. Viewers will learn essential maintenance tips to ensure the longevity and reliability of these components, as well as basic troubleshooting procedures to identify potential issues. For additional learning, MPA has created a Starting and Charging 101 landing page ( featuring FAQs and downloadable resources.

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