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Multiparts Direct Joins The Pronto Network

Multiparts Direct leverages e-commerce fulfillment sales volume to support a larger and wider offering of SKUs.


Multiparts Direct is the newest member of The Pronto Network, the program group announced.


“The growing e-commerce market channel continues to strengthen within the business-to-business and business-to-consumer aftermarket and Multiparts Direct is a leader in this area,” said Mike Peace, vice president of sales and business development for The Pronto Network. “We welcome Jon Sinclair and the Multiparts Direct team to The Pronto Network family and look forward to supporting their growth strategies with our valued supplier partners.” 

Multiparts Direct is a new approach to auto parts warehouse distribution, leveraging e-commerce fulfillment sales volume to support both a larger and wider offering of SKUs used to build a commercial and national accounts program. Its omnichannel sales and custom machine-learning algorithm allows the company to use hundreds of millions of search records and more than 280 data points to forecast SKU demand. 


“Multiparts Direct is excited to join the Pronto Network,” said Sinclair, president of Multiparts Direct. “This is a great opportunity to continue our growth with existing members, create new buying relationships and enhance our supply chain.”

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