NASCAR Cup Series Driver No Stranger to Vintage Rides

NASCAR Cup Series Driver No Stranger to Vintage Rides

Daniel Suárez grew up restoring old cars in his hometown

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NASCAR driver Daniel Suárezfell in love with cars at a young age.

Long before piloting the No.99 Trackhouse Racing Chevrolet around the NASCAR Cup circuit, Suárezgot valuable experience in his dad’s garage.

Born in Monterrey, Mexico, in 1992, Daniel grew up working with his father, Alejandro, in his restoration shop, helping him marry his love of antiques and working on cars. At a young age, Daniel developed a do-it-yourself approach to vehicle maintenance, along with an affinity for vintage Volkswagens.

Working on yesteryear’s automobiles is where he first learned the importance of engine protection and performance parts like FRAM® oil filters.

“FRAM is a brand I have loved and used in almost all my cars for many years,” Suárezsaid. “FRAM makes products that anyone can easily use, from an experienced mechanic to a mom or dad trying to change their filter in their own car.”

While he and his dad have restored countless cars over the years, it’s the Volkswagens that keep him fascinated. To date, Suárezhas restored more than a dozen vintage Volkswagen Beetles – one of which was his first car – and a few VW Buses, including “Rosita,” his prized 1957 Deluxe.

Restoring these specific makes and models has become a tradition that takes him back to his youthful days in Monterrey.

“I love Beetles. They remind me of where I grew up. They remind me of where I come from. It’s more than a hobby,” said Suárez.

When he isn’t rebuilding vintage bugs in Monterrey, he is turning laps with the best stock car drivers in the world in the NASCAR premier series – a level he worked toward from the ground-up.

Suárezbegan racing karts around Monterrey in 2002, learning about the challenges of the sport and getting valuable track time at a young age. He worked his way up into NASCAR Mexico’s Mini Stock Series in 2008 and two years later, driving for Telcel Racing in the NASCAR Mexico Series, earned rookie of the year honors.

Continuing his steady climb, Suárezsigned with Joe Gibbs Racing to compete fulltime in the 2015 NASCAR Xfinity Series where his consistency earned him a fifth-place points finish and the rookie of the year title.

Everything came together for him the following season as he collected three wins, 19 top-5’s and 27 top-10 finishes in 33 starts to claim the 2016 Xfinity Series Championship.

Now in his sixth fulltime season in the NASCAR Cup Series, Suárezlooks back with fondness on where it all began – those first paint touchups and oil changes in his father’s garage. Today, that very shop, DNS Restauraciones, remains where Daniel and Alejandro continue to share family time while restoring vintage cars and trucks.

“I love working on cars with my dad,” Suárezsaid. “It’s a special bond I have with him.”

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