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National Performance Warehouse Hosts Second Annual Million Dollar Vendor Dinner, Fast Expo And Customer Awards In Miami


As both a performance and traditional warehouse distributor, NPW is a member of the Aftermarket Auto Parts Alliance as well as AAM Parts Pro, and the leaders of both organizations, John Washbish and Tim Odom, respectively, were in attendance at the second annual event.


MIAMI – It was the guests of the National Performance Warehouse (NPW) Million Dollar Vendor dinner who felt like a million bucks by the end of the black tie affair held Friday evening, Jan. 10 at the Banker’s Club of Miami. Vendors that had done $1 million of business or more with NPW the prior year were presented with an engraved crystal plaque after an elegant meal of steak, lobster and bananas foster.

As both a performance and traditional warehouse distributor, NPW is a member of the Aftermarket Auto Parts Alliance as well as AAM Parts Pro, and the leaders of both organizations, John Washbish and Tim Odom, respectively, were in attendance at the second annual event. Washbish gave an entertaining speech illustrating how interconnected the supplier-distributor relationship is and how everyone benefits when the two sides collaborate “We’re in this together,” said Washbish. “It’s about how can we sell the parts – together – to the people who need them. That’s what we’re here for.”


Leaders from each of this year’s million dollar vendors accepted their awards from Larry Pacey, president of NPW. “I want to thank everybody here tonight for all the support you’ve given our company this year, we truly couldn’t be successful with out you,” said Pacey in recognizing this year’s top vendors. Million Dollar Vendors for 2012-2013 were:

● Autometer
● BBB Industries
● Centric Parts
● DEA Products
● Dorman Products
● Edelbrock
● Federal-Mogul
● Holley
● MSD Performance
● Standard Motor Products
● WIX Filters

Compliments were returned for NPW at the event. “Partnering with you guys makes it easy to be a million dollar vendor,” said BBB Industries’ Joe Felicelli. Mike Musso of Centric Parts, echoed the sentiment. “On behalf of Centric, we want to thank you. I don’t know any other customer that actually recognizes the vendors,” Musso said. “We appreciate you recognizing us.”


Growth For NPW
NPW started in 1969 and did its first acquisition in 2008. The company has been on a strong growth streak ever since. NPW made three acquisitions this past year alone: CMA warehouse in Los Angeles, Performance Warehouse California operations and Uni-Select’s third-largest DC in Florida. Pacey says they are in discussions with Uni-Select about buying other operations from them as they continue their strategy to divest U.S. operations this year. Three additional acquisitions are planned for 2014, with three letters of intent already signed, he added. The company knows, however that they don’t do this alone and is quick to recognize its valuable partners in success, which is a big part of the weekend events.


Following the Million Dollar Vendor dinner on Jan. 10, the next evening concluded with a Vendor and Customer Appreciation Dinner, where more awards were presented. This time, Larry Pacey’s son, Chris, VP of sales and general manager at NPW, presented the honors.

Bumper to Bumper Customer Awards were presented in Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum Award
● Bronze Award Winners:
Jim’s Auto Parts
JV Auto Parts
Westside Auto Parts

● Silver Award Winners:
Cam Auto Parts
Margate Auto Parts
Save on Auto Parts

● Gold Award Winners:
International Auto Parts
National Sunshine
Congress Auto Parts

● Platinum Award Winner (third year in a row):
Johnny’s Auto Parts

“We thank each and everyone of you here tonight,” said Chris Pacey. “Without the vendors, we could not put on a show for the customers. Without the customer, there would be no show at all. We really appreciate all that you guys do. The Bumper to Bumper partnership has been great for us and will continue to grow. With regard to each of the accounts we recognize today, I just want to say it’s great to do business with these people. I’m very excited to continue to do business with these people. It’s not just another account number. These are all close personal friends, people we have done business with for many years. They are part of the family.”


In addition to the customer awards, NPW recognized its Rep of the Year, this year presented to Joe Evora of Centric Auto Parts, and Vendor of the Year, Standard Motor Products, accepted by CEO Larry Sills.
“I think one reason our two companies get along so well is that we’re both family companies,” said Sills in accepting the award. “We’re one of the last manufacturers that is still a family company; I’m third generation, my son is fourth. NPW is a family company. We think alike, we work alike. We think long-term and I am so proud of you guys.”


In presenting the Rep of the Year to Centric’s Joe Evora, Larry Pacey said Evora has always gone beyond the call of duty in helping NPW.

“All I can tell you is that it is a great feeling to get to do what you like and have great friends to do it with, like the Paceys and all the customers we have built relationships with throughout the years,” said Evora. “It’s an incredible business and it’s a shame that more young people aren’t coming into the business.”
Also during the Vendor and Customer Appreciation Dinner, AAM’s Tim Odom gave the audience practical advice from his new business book “Winning Your Share.”


The weekend wrapped up with the Fast Expo trade show, an event that’s been going on since 1986, and held for the first time in Miami this year. More than 150 exhibitors and a collector car show were expected to bring in roughly 3,000 attendees from the Miami area.

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