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New And Improved Boom Mat Damping Material Now Even Thicker

Up to 166 percent thicker to better reduce interior noise and vibration, company says.


Boom Mat


AVON LAKE, Ohio — Boom Mat is now introducing their premium quality damping material in two new thicknesses; 2 mm and 4mm. The 2mm version is 33 percent thicker than the original material and provides extreme noise damping. Boom Mat XL is 4mm thick and is 166 percent thicker than standard damping products. Both new sizes are constructed using a thick 4 mil aluminum panel-stiffening skin and an odorless pure butyl noise constraining layer and together these materials trap unwanted noises.

“Interior panels often vibrate and generate unwanted noise, especially in trucks, classics, street rods and high performance vehicles modified for power,” said Mike Zenone, Boom Mat brand manager. “Our new and improved Boom Mat damping materials help eliminate unwanted vibration, engine and road noise to create a quiet and comfortable driving experience. Our products do an even better job of helping users hear what they want, such as the exhaust note, the stereo, passengers or nothing at all.”


Both the 2mm and thicker 4mm Boom Mat XL materials are extremely flexible, easy to trim and can be applied on flat and irregular surfaces such as floorboards, firewalls, door skins and overhead interior roof panels. Boom Mat’s strong adhesion makes for worry-free installation without the risk of separation or sagging. Boom Mat’s vibration damping material also requires less material to get the job done; only 25-50 percent coverage of interior panels is required, reducing weight, cost and installation time.

To learn more about Boom Mat damping material and how it can be used to improve automotive acoustics, visit

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