Schaeffler Automotive Aftermarket Training

New Schaeffler Automotive Aftermarket eLearning Courses

The online training courses were produced by the technical experts from the company’s LuK and FAG product brands.

The Automotive Aftermarket division of Schaeffler is launching a series of new electronic learning (eLearning) online training courses that were produced by the technical experts from the company’s LuK and FAG product brands.

Presented in a sequence of engaging and informative tutorial sessions, each of which can be completed in 10 to 15 minutes, the newly released courses include the six-module “LuK Drivetrain Program” as well as the four-module, intermediate-level training “FAG Premium Bearings and Seals.”

“At Schaeffler Automotive Aftermarket, our mission is to offer the finest OEM-quality repair solutions to our customers and retail partners,” said Eric Steinbecher, president, Automotive Aftermarket Americas. “To that end, we are focused on providing not only a lineup of industry-leading products – such as our LuK clutches and FAG wheel bearings and seals – but also the requisite technical know-how to help ensure the repair job is done right. These new eLearning courses from LuK and FAG are an integral part of this strategy.”

Drawing upon LuK’s decades of experience as one of the world’s leading manufacturers of original-equipment and aftermarket clutches, the “LuK Drivetrain Program” eLearning course provides an overview of the operating principles and failure modes for clutches used in manual transmission-equipped vehicles. The course is divided into the following six modules:

  • Clutch components and their function
  • Clutch failure mode “No Release”
  • Clutch failure mode “Noise”
  • Clutch failure mode “Chatter”
  • Clutch failure mode “Slipping”
  • Clutch failure mode “Soft/Hard Pedal”

Backed by a history that stretches almost 140 years to the seminal invention of the ball grinding machine by founder company Friedrich Fischer – which helped lay the foundation for the entire modern bearing industry – the “FAG Premium Bearings and Seals” eLearning course delves into FAG’s comprehensive portfolio of bearings and seals for automotive applications, along with a discussion of wheel bearing design principles and failure modes. 

The course is divided into the following four modules:

  • Overview of FAG premium bearings and seals
  • Design, function and lubrication of FAG wheel bearings
  • Failure identification and diagnosis of FAG wheel bearings
  • Overview and diagnosis of FAG seals for automotive applications

Intended for automotive aftermarket parts retailers and automotive repair technicians, the new eLearning training courses from Schaeffler Automotive Aftermarket will help industry professionals sell and install LuK and FAG products with confidence. The “LuK Drivetrain Program” eLearning course is available at,while the “FAG Premium Bearings and Seals” eLearning course can be accessed at

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