No Asterisk With The Counter Pro Of The Year Award

No Asterisk With The Counter Pro Of The Year Award

Don't let the crazy events of this year deter you from nominating yourself (or a colleague).

In professional sports, some fans and pundits believe that certain achievements should come with an asterisk. Specifically, I’m thinking of Barry Bonds’ all-time home run record, which some people view as tainted because of his suspected steroid use. But the notion of the asterisk goes back many years in sports. When Roger Maris broke Babe Ruth’s single-season record by belting 61 homers in 1961, some people asserted that the record should be qualified with an asterisk, because Maris set the record during Major League Baseball’s then newly expanded 162-game season, while Ruth had set the previous record in a 154-game season. (I’ve never hit a home run, so I think both records are incredible achievements.)

Fast-forward to 2020. If the NBA, Major League Baseball or any major sport is able to complete the pandemic-shortened season and crown a champion, it’s understandable that many fans likely will view the champion with an asterisk.

I bring this up because I hope the crazy events of this year don’t deter you from nominating yourself (or a colleague) for the 2020 Counter Professional of the Year award. The pandemic hasn’t stopped counter pros from plying their trade, and it’s not stopping us from continuing our tradition of recognizing the Counter Professional of the Year.

If anything, the pandemic has only magnified the importance of the automotive aftermarket, and the people who work in it. We already knew it was an essential industry. It took a public health crisis for the federal government to make it official.

As we point out every year in our calls for nominations, the Counter Professional of the Year award acknowledges the vital role counter pros play in the automotive aftermarket, honoring those whose passion, expertise and dedication have elevated their businesses and the profession. These are the quintessential “go-to” parts professionals – the ones who go the extra mile when their customers need a quality replacement part or trusted advice … day in and day out. Does that sound like you?

Our tradition is to honor the Counter Pro of the Year at a reception in Las Vegas, as part of AAPEX in late October/early November. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there won’t be an in-person AAPEX event this year. However, we still intend to honor the 2020 Counter Professional of the Year – just as we’ve done every year since 1986. As always, we’ll feature the 2020 Counter Professional of the Year on the cover of our December issue. And we’ll find other ways to make this year’s award special – perhaps with a virtual ceremony.

Regardless, there’s no need for an asterisk. As an essential worker in an essential industry, what you bring to the table is more important than ever.

To nominate yourself or a colleague for the 2020 Counter Professional of the Year, visit

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