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Not All Brake Fluid Is Created Equal

Recommending an ultra-premium brake fluid that’s tested to OEM standards offers a number of advantages for your customers.


The majority of aftermarket manufacturers receive approval for their brake fluid based on the performance requirements in the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards for brake fluid, which are found in 49 CFR Part 571.116. 


Typically, it takes a minimum of four months to gain approval, and the manufacturer’s cost is relatively inexpensive, around $30,000.

But some choose to set the bar even higher, and submit their brake fluid for official approval from an original equipment manufacturer, or OEM. 

The OEMs have their own set of criteria for brake fluid that exceeds the minimum requirements of the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards. The OEM might test the product themselves, or use an accredited third-party lab to test it. It’s a rigorous process that typically takes a minimum of two years for the brake-fluid manufacturer to gain approval, and it can cost them upwards of $500,000 to do so. 


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