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Permatex Launches Online Training Portal

Permatex will continue to expand the portal to offer comprehensive training on each product line, the company noted.


Permatex recently launched a new online training portal designed to educate counter personnel and professional automotive technicians on the company’s core product lines and latest product introductions.

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The training-management system launches with three initial courses surrounding Permatex’s newest innovations: Permatex orange threadlockers, Permatex red high-temperature gasket makers and Permatex epoxies. Each course provides product details and application information, along with FAQs, and finishes with a quiz to test the user’s knowledge.

Permatex will continue to expand the portal to offer comprehensive training on each product line, the company noted.

A major component of the portal is a series of informational videos presented by industry professionals, including Permatex-sponsored Formula Drift Pro drivers Chris Forsberg, Ryan Tuerck and Dylan Hughes. The educational videos are used to highlight key features and benefits of each product while demonstrating correct application and techniques for proper use.

“We developed this robust training system after identifying that our customers need an all-in-one training system,” said Ashley Khan, Permatex’s marketing manager. “This training portal will equip countermen and professionals with the knowledge and key information on our latest product innovations and core products to help users get the job done right the first time. As Permatex develops new technologies to address specific customer pain points, we want to keep users up to speed on these industry developments and how to effectively leverage these new products to complete their job. This training portal will provide the resources we need to educate service professionals and give retail sales personnel the knowledge needed to help educate end-users on these products.”


Permatex’s training portal allows users to track their progress throughout each course. It also features a library of downloadable sales materials including sell sheets, brochures, and product selection guides. The intuitive platform adapts to both mobile and desktop devices and is easily accessible, so users can train and test their knowledge anywhere, anytime.

Permatex is a Solon, Ohio-based manufacturer, distributor and marketer of premium chemical products to the automotive maintenance and repair markets. A division of Illinois Tool Works, Permatex currently operates in the United States, Canada, Mexico and the United Kingdom and exports products to more than 85 countries around the world.

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