Pontiac Vibe CAF Replacement Procedure

Pontiac Vibe CAF Replacement Procedure

Should you see a 2003-’06 Pontiac Vibe in your shop that is in need of a Cabin Air Filter  (CAF) replacement, adhere to the following steps to provide this service.

The CAF  on this vehicle is located behind the glove box door inside the filter housing.
1. Open the glove box door.

2. Remove the Philips-type screw located at the right side of the glove box door and slide off the connecting rod.

3. Push in on each side of the glove box door to release the tabs. Swing the glove box door down.

4. Lower the filter housing door and remove the CAF by pulling toward you.

5. Installation is in the reverse order of removal.

Source: ATP-Inc.   

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