Protect Continuously Variable Transmissions

Protecting Continuously Variable Transmissions

Lubegard CVT Recharge & Protect corrects and prevents problems caused by worn-out, degraded CVT fluid.

Continuously variable transmissions, or CVTs, tend to be problematic because CVT transmission fluids often break down faster and require service sooner than the OEM service interval recommends.

Many consumers are not aware that CVT fluid services are required more frequently than what’s recommended for the more common step automatic transmissions. Some CVT models require a fluid change every 15,000 to 20,000 miles.

Even with these short service intervals, the fluid’s additive content tends to degrade faster, resulting in objectionable noise; shudder; poor performance; belt and chain slippage; foaming that causes improper fluid pressure and flow; excessive component wear; and heat that creates sludge.

Lubegard CVT Recharge & Protect is a concentrated additive formulated to provide extreme-pressure performance and anti-wear protection for sheeves, belts, chains and pulleys in order to prevent slippage. It solves problems such as shudder, noisy operation and fluid foaming.

Lubegard restores the additive content to consumed CVT fluid and protects new fluid from breaking down as quickly by raising the thermal and oxidative stability of the fluids.

This video is sponsored by Lubegard.

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