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Raybestos Adds Virtual Product Kits to Online Catalog

Distributors can now look up Raybestos parts and quickly offer the best pad and rotor combination for a particular vehicle.


Raybestos has added virtual kits to its online catalog, giving distributors the flexibility to go to market to their installer customers with a pad and rotor kit for popular applications. Distributors still purchase the specific brake pad and rotor part numbers as they do today, but they now have the opportunity to take advantage of this updated cataloging feature. 


“With the new virtual kits, distributors are able to efficiently look up Raybestos parts and quickly offer the best pad and rotor combination for the particular vehicle,” said Kristin Grons, marketing manager, Brake Parts Inc. “The virtual kits give distributors the flexibility to sell parts at different bundle prices and are available for a variety of vehicle applications, from import to domestic and passenger cars to light trucks, including popular applications with a large number of vehicles in operation. Going forward, Raybestos intends to continue to expand the virtual kits on a quarterly basis.”

The virtual kits are cataloged in both the Element3 and R-Line families. Element3 virtual kits are for everyday drivers who want exceptional performance with enhanced product features, according to the company. They include Element3 brake pads with superior friction formulations paired with an Element3 coated rotor. 


R-Line kits are for daily drivers who need dependable performance, the company stated. They feature traditional semi-metallic or ceramic formulations paired with an R-Line professional grade rotor that matches OE vane configuration, weight and design. 

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