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Recognizing Automotive Aftermarket Professionals Is a Good Thing

Go on, spread some positive recognition around.


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Have you ever had a conversation with a business associate or a friend and noticed that even though they’re listening, their eyes look like they’re staring right through you? It’s almost like you’re not even there (or they’re not even there). Sometimes my wife accuses me of this, and of course I deny it. In reality, though, it does happen. Something so important to us becomes almost out of focus or blurred by other things or thoughts.

I’m not sure exactly what causes this, but I do know it’s real. Even thought we know the subject or person is very important, for some reason we’ve blocked it out. Sadly, this happens to us on many fronts. Believe it or not, it goes on right here in the aftermarket also. We’re trying to stay on top of so many issues and initiatives that we fail to see and remember the things and people that are our day-to-day existence.

The way we can guard against this is through recognition. Recognition can be accomplished in many ways. It could be a verbal or written “well done,” or an acknowledgment of an accomplishment. Anything that validates a person’s behaviors or interests can be enough to show we’re engaged and committed to our customers, employees or family members.


For many years, WIX Filters and Babcox Media have administered a recognition program for the automotive aftermarket. It offers recognition to counter professionals (the Counter Professional of the Year program), service shops (the WIX Driving Performance Award) and even upcoming technicians (the Tomorrow’s Tech School of the Year contest).

These programs are a vital part of our industry, and we need to stay focused on recognizing these key people and organizations of our industry. It’s easy and rewarding to participate. Just go to any of the websites listed on this page and nominate your favorite counter pro, service shop or vo-tech school. The winners will be joining us in Las Vegas at AAPEX and SEMA. Nobody gets to go if you don’t nominate them.

Go on, spread some positive recognition around.

See you in Vegas!

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